Finance for micro business managers

Micro Business Finance

Specifically designed for today’s small business owner


Why would I want to do the course?  To simply have a better understanding of your business finance, reduce financial risks, implement control measures and grow your business.

Our team of mentors – experienced, qualified, have small business experience and approachable.

Our track record – We have logged over 18,000 Small Business Management students onto our system since 2011 –  with the Australian Government backed New Enterprise Incentive Scheme.

You are not alone - Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting or WebEx  Private messages via our secure portal, email or just the phone – it’s your call.


Learn how to:

Prepare a comprehensive financial plan.

Revisit your products and pricing strategy.

Identify barriers and drivers for growth.

Improve your cash flow management.

Explore how to increase sales and reduce costs.

Plan your personal and business taxation obligations.

Establish and manage your personal budget.

Prepare a 2 year business cash flow forecast.

Prepare key financial management indicators.

Be able to interpret your Income Statement (P&L) and Balance Sheet.

Create meaningful action plans to help steer your business forward.


Our Fees (Inc G.S.T.)  All options give you full access to our online finance projections, finance plan, resource library and worksheets.

Option A)    $880 includes 10 x 30 minute mentoring sessions and 12 months access.

Option B)    $660 includes 7 x 30 minute mentoring sessions and 6 months access.

Option C)    $330 provides 6 months online access only.

Option D)    Additional mentoring is charged at $55 per 30 minute session.


N.B. Business Skill Development fees are generally fully tax deductable for holders of a current Australian Business Number.