Basic Start-up Plan

A business plan provides an essential "road map" to get you to your business destination. This plan addresses the key elements and how you can prepare a simple but effective plan that will function as an 'action template' for your business. 


Our integrated software shows you how you can prepare an effective business plan. The secret is to keep the plan short and simple - some people use bullet points to compress everything into just a few pages. 


Long, complex business plans too often end up gathering dust on a shelf. Aim instead for a short, practical plan that you can implement, because the only thing worse than acting without any plan is planning without then taking action.


Also included is our easy to use finance model that provides;


  • Start up costings
  • Product/Service sales projections
  • Establish/expansion costs
  • 12 months cash flow forecast
  • 12 month profit and loss projection