About US

About Us

Renton Currie, former Business Bank Manager (Dip Bus. M'gmt and  Accredited Workplace Trainer and Assessor in Business Services, Retail and Financial Services) has been assisting hundreds of clients in the start-up and planning stage through the Australian Government Funded N.E.I.S. programme, Business Mentor with Business and Employment as well as providing direction and advice to new and established business for the past 20+ years. 


Our core business is to work with small business owners and intending start-ups in fundamental business principals, to develop your business knowledge and understanding.


Types of business plans we can assist with are;

  • Market Research Plan
  • Basic Start-up Plan
  • Detailed Start-up Plan
  • Focus and Grow Plan
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Marketing Plan
  • Risk Management and Recovery Plan